NBA: Kings Kick Cousins Out of Practice


It sounds like everything is just peachy out in Sacramento. The Kings are off to a scorching start this year at 4-11 and their top draft pick is already making an impression.

The Kings have been so thrilled with the play of DeMarcus Cousins this year, that they’ve already had to fine him for clashing with coaches. Talk about an immediate impact.

Now, word comes out of Sacramento that the obnoxious Cousins was kicked out of practice on Monday. But, for what? Dominating? Dunking too much? Yelling “And 1!!” after every god damned shot he took in a layup drill.

Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee doesn’t know for sure, because head coach Paul Westphal is being tight lipped about the situation. But Jones did confirm that Cousins was kicked out of rehearsals.

“DeMarcus Cousins was kicked out of practice today. Westphal didn’t elaborate as to why #nbakings,” Jones tweets.

How much longer can this last? Do the Kings stick with the coach or Cousins? Clearly, something isn’t right with Cousins and the coaches. And because no other players are getting fined and/or jettisoned from practice, we’d have to assume that Cousins is the problem.


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