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Could Patrick Ewing Really be the Charlotte Bobcats’ Next Head Coach?

The Charlotte Bobcats were stupendously awful this year. When it was all said and done, they finished the 2012 shortened regular season with a 7-59 mark – good for lowest winning percentage in league history (.106). Unsurprisingly, head coach Paul Silas got the boot, and now the most horrible basketball team in recent memory is scouring the land for a quality, stable guy who can turn the franchise around.

In theory, with a job that will require as much work as this one undoubtedly will, you would probably want a veteran. Someone with years of head coaching experience, who has has a history of turning squads around. Someone like Larry Brown, maybe. And of course we say someone like Larry Brown because the real Larry Brown isn’t an option. You know, because Michael Jordan hilariously decided to boot Brown from the team for no real reason a while back, and everyone involved is still extremely salty about the situation.

So which Larry Brown-esque figure are Jordan and the Bobcats looking into bringing on board? Patrick Ewing.

Yes, that Patrick Ewing.

As noted byYahoo! Sports:

Orlando Magic assistant Patrick Ewing will interview for the Charlotte Bobcats head-coaching job, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

The Bobcats are working to set up a meeting with Ewing once the Magic are finished in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

Ewing is a close friend of Charlotte owner Michael Jordan, and several sources believe the Hall of Fame center will turn out to be a serious candidate for the opening.

That’s great. So the biggest mess in the NBA is about to be pawned off on a guy with no head coaching experience. And to top it off, we don’t even know what the measuring stick for success will be; Brown was relatively successful during his stint and that still couldn’t save his job.

This is already a horrible situation to be walking into, but can you imagine how much worse it would be if Charlotte doesn’t get the No. 1 overall pick in this year’s draft?

The Bobcats and Jordan find themselves in a very awkward position. They know that they desperately need someone with experience in order to fix this catastrophic organization, but nobody worth bringing on board wants to have anything to do with the irritatingly incompetent ownership that they will inevitably have to deal with. That means the only hire that the team can make right now will be a Ewing-like rookie coach who, really, has no idea of what he’s getting himself into.

This is going to be a fun situation to monitor.

Best twitter reaction to the news that Ewing was being considered for this job came via @CRM_Stephen:

Because Michael Jordan hasn't done enough to ruin Patrick Ewing's life.

— Stephen Douglas (@CRM_Stephen) May 8, 2012

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