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Orlando Magic on Its Way Back Against Celtics?

Boston had raced out and taken a 3 game lead over the Orlando Magic - they were successful because of their defensive play which has many zone concepts. But the Celtics have also been very successful with quick hitters that they are executing very well. The Magic have not been rotating quick enough to help and are not communicating with each other. Simple screening action has really caused problems for Dwight and company... the play below shows a simple quick hitter that has been so effective against the Magic.


But with last nights victory Orlando has pulled closer to tying the series. The Magic has been able to attack the Celtics defensively with penetration from Jameer Nelson. Earlier in the series Nelson was not attacking after coming off the high screen. Coach Van Gundy made the adjustments and now what you are seeing is an attacking Nelson who draws the defenders to him and then kicking out to his shooters giving them wide open looks.



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