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Could the MLB Trade Deadline Possibly be a Bigger Letdown?

I always get excited for the deadline because I expect at least a few big moves to be made.

A few big moves were made last week (Hanley Ramirez comes to mind), but on the actual day?

The biggest name to change teams was Ryan Dempster, who has a career ERA over 4 and is only having a good season because he’s pitching in the light-hitting National League Central and because no one takes the Cubs seriously.

He’s going to get absolutely racked in Texas (except by the Red Sox) and eventually re-sign somewhere next year in the National League, where he’ll revert to being a pitcher with a 4.20 ERA who somehow parlays mediocrity into $12 million-per-year deals.

What a letdown. I was sitting there like a little kid waiting for his parents to get out of bed on Christmas so he could open gifts, watching the clock waiting for 4 o’clock to come so I could hear about some awesome deals (COUGH, COUGH, Josh Beckett getting traded anywher) and instead I found out that Dempster got moved, “Shane Victorino” got traded and the Red Sox made move for crafty lefthander Craig Breslow.

And I get why – a bunch of teams are still in contention because of the second Wild Card in each league, so there aren’t as many teams willing to sell. It makes perfect sense.

But hey, if I had realized that adding another playoff team was going to dumb down what is usually the best trading deadline in sports then I would been against it from the start.

Can’t Bud Selig try a new slogan to spice it up, like he does for the All-Star Game? Instead of “This Time It Counts,” he could go with “Make Some Freaking Trades So People Don’t Think Our league Is Boring.”

It’s worth a shot, because July 31 sucked this year.

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