Could Lingerie Football's Anonka Dixon Play in NFL?


The Miami Dolphins are in deep trouble at quarterback. Less than a week after benching Chad Henne in favor of Chad Pennington, the team may have lost both players to injury for the remainder of the season. Third-stringer Tyler Thigpen finished Sunday's win against the Titans at quarterback.

They have signed one journeyman, and are talking to a few quarterbacks who are out of the league. But one Florida blog says the team is overlooking one quarterback who is already in South Florida -- Anonka Dixon. And yes, she is a woman.

Dixon is a player and part-owner of the Miami Fury, the women's 11-on-11 football team. She also plays for the city's lingerie football franchise, the Miami Caliente.

The Broward Palm Beach New Times blog called "The Juice" writes:

Now, before you roll your eyes, consider a few things:

Yes, this would be a public-relations stunt. (Even if Brett Favre announced his retirement, Randy Moss declared himself league commissioner, and Tom Brady announced he had a gay crush on Peyton Manning, a woman playing in the NFL would still get more attention.)  And it would be a political statement. (Equality, or something.) And it would be fascinating. (Who wouldn't tune in to see how Anonka would fair against the men?)

But it might also be somewhat deserved.

If you've never seen Anonka Dixon play, she's an incredible athlete: With lightning speed, the ability to plant either foot, pivot, and reverse field in a blink, and a right arm that can launch a perfect spiral 50 yards, she's the female version of Drew Brees, Kurt Warner, and the good parts of Michael Vick all rolled into one.

Caliente Coach Bob Hewko, a former star quarterback at the University of Florida and four-year veteran of the NFL, said it's not such a crazy idea. "People laugh when I say it, but it's true. She could be a third-stringer playing on Sundays somewhere. She's that good."

What does Dixon think of the chance to be the first woman to ever play in the NFL? She's apparently up for the challenge. "They need me!" she said in all seriousness.


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