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Could Gilbert Melendez Switch from Strikeforce to UFC?

Cesar Gracie has dealt with his fighters going from Strikeforce to the UFC in bulk. Now, as Strikeforce appears to be an unknown, Gracie is wondering when Gilbert Melendez will wind up in the Octagon.

Melendez, the Strikeforce lightweight champion, is currently rehabbing from an injury that forced him out of a planned title defense vs. Pat Healy. As a result of that situation, Showtime decided to not air a Strikeforce event - which the promotion eventually cancelled.

"It seems that he will come back to Strikeforce," said Gracie, during a recent interview with Tatame, "but with the recent history, the organization may end. We do not know what will happen yet. A lot is depending on Showtime."

Melendez is considered to be one of the premier faces of Strikeforce, and a fighter that Showtime enjoys using to promote. Gracie confirmed that "El Nino" has four fights remaining on his contract, but added in some interesting words concerning the Zuffa-UFC-Strikeforce umbrella.

"You have to remember that the UFC owns Strikeforce, so it does not matter much (about contracts)," Gracie said. "If they want him to migrate to the UFC, they can do it anytime. I hope Strikeforce will continue, but if not, I can see Gilbert going to the UFC sooner than expected."

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