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How Good is Stephen Strasberg?

Today, Dave Cameron weighed in on the whole "Should Stephen Strasburg go to the All Star Game" debate. That got me thinking, if Strasburg is elected, will he even play? Here's what I had to say in the comments over at Fangraphs.

Are we sure Strasburg would even pitch if elected? The Nats are holding a considerable cash cow in Strasburg and he happens to be on a pretty strict innings/pitches cap. I would think the Nats will try very hard to persuade him not to alter his routine so he can pitch the 5th inning of a game he’ll be going to for the foreseeable future.

Most importantly, Strasburg is already lined up to start somewhere between July 9th and 11th depending on how the Nationals juggle the rotation. The All Star Game is the 13th. It's hard to imagine Strasburg climbing the mound in Anaheim on short rest after how carefully the Nationals have nurtured him. Perhaps the Nats would embrace the opportunity to get their money maker in front of the national audience and skip/shorten his last start.

So what do you guys think? Will Strasburg be available to pitch? Will the Nationals attempt to convince him not to pitch? Will he play regardless of his team's wishes?

To me, this is a much more interesting question to pursue. I think that people get caught up in these notions of what the All Star Game is and isn't. I'd have to guess that if it's about anything, it's the league showing appreciation to the fans by putting the most interesting and exciting players from each league on display. Right now, Stephen Strasburg is probably the most interesting and exciting player in baseball. He makes my cut.

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