Could Alistair Overeem Keep His UFC 146 Spot?


Despite registering a testosterone ratio fourteen times the norm in a surprise drug test, Alistair Overeem may still keep his UFC 146 main event spot opposite UFC heavyweight champ Junior dos Santos.

The fighter has offered no explanation for his elevated testosterone levels and has not requested that his B sample be tested, but the UFC applied for his fight license in Nevada regardless. There are rumblings that Overeem can get by through a loophole since he wasn't technically licensed with the state of Nevada at the time of the testing.

Adding fuel to the fire was legendary MMA personality Bas Rutten, who tweeted the following yesterday:

I hear we still might c the JDS/Overeem fight? Haha, awesome. Let me get more info

In a recent interview with Globo, dos Santos spoke on the growing possibility that he'll still be fighting Overeem (doctored some from Google Translate to make more sense).

"If the athletic commission and the UFC want I'll fight him. I am a fighter and will be there to fight, but it is sure to be a disrespect to MMA and how serious this sport is," said the champ. 'This will also be unfair to me. I've never used these devices to gain strength. … We want to know who the best is, really. Not who's the best liar. Being a world champion making false use of a lot of drugs -- that's not being a champion. I can clearly say that I am the champion without ever having the use of any illegal substances in order to get there.

"I favor more rigorous tests to assess whether someone is doped," he continued. "It has to be a clean sport and these surprise tests should occur more. If Overeem is more aggressive and stronger, the more he will resist blows and it will be difficult for me. If I lose, it will be unfair. He will not have fought better than I have if he fought doped."

UFC 146 is scheduled to take place on May 26. There is still no official word from the UFC on who will be fighting dos Santos for the belt.

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