Cornelius Godfrey vs. Shah Babonis Set for XFC 20: High Octane

The XFC returns live when Cornelius Godfrey (6-0) and Shah Babonis (13-7) collide in bantamweight action.

"This fight could easily steal the show," said John Prisco, XFC president. "I've known Shah for a long time, and Shah in 2012 is a completely different fighter than the last time he fought in the XFC. I honestly believe I have one of the best bantamweights in the world fighting for the XFC. But everyone, and I mean everyone, I have talked to that knows Godfrey is telling me he's going to get the upset. They really believe in this kid and even more so he believes in himself. It's going to be a main event worthy fight, early on in the card."

The verbal war between the two has already started with each fighter eyeing the division's championship.

"[Godfrey] made a foolish decision in taking a fight against a much more experienced fighter," said Babonis.

"I've seen some of his fights," said Godfrey. "He's a great fighter, with plenty of experience. He will be one of the toughest guys I have fought. But I'm very confident, training hard daily, and I see some places where I will have the advantage. I want the XFC fans to know that they are seeing the future XFC World Bantamweight Champion, and that it will be a very exciting fight."

Godfrey will make his debut for the company and Babonis is returning for the first time since 2009. Babonis lost his previous two fights in XFC.

XFC 20: High Octane takes place September 28 from the Knoxville Civic Coliseum in Tennessee. It will air live on AXStv.

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