Cornelius Bennett Lends a Helping Hand to Nat Moore’s Foundation

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Former linebacker Cornelius Bennett enjoyed a 14-year playing career from 1987-2000. Now that he is retired, he lives in Florida. Close enough to another NFL retiree, Nat Moore  who has his own Foundation and golf outing.

“First of all, Nat and I have been friends for a long time. I live here in Hollywood, Florida, so anytime he calls on me, I try to participate. It’s for the kids. I have young kids that are in school and they are very fortunate to have me as a parent where I can afford for them to go to school, because some kids are less fortunate and that is the real reason I am here,” Bennett told Joy Taylor of Class Act Sports.

As he alluded to, Moore’s foundation helps underprivileged kids in South Florida. A lot of former and present athletes look up to Moore as a role model, using his guidance to make successful foundations and impact in the community.

Bennett, who played for nine years with the Buffalo Bills was ecstatic about signing one of the top free agents, defensive back, Mario Williams in the off-season.

“It’s tremendous for the city of Buffalo. I couldn’t be more thrilled for the fans. We’ve been suffering up there for a long time and it looks like finally they are opening up the checkbooks and trying to do the right thing as far as bringing in the necessary talent,” he said.

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