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Cop in Roethlisberger Case Resigns After Inappropriate Comments

Milledgeville, GA police sergeant Jerry Blash has resigned after he admitted that he referred to Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger’s accuser as “a f*cking bitch.” This was the officer that took her initial complaint. Now, drunk or not, it can’t be fun to tell the authorities that you just got raped (actually getting raped is probably not fun either) and have this guy basically blow you off.

Blash admitted after the fact that he may have made comments such as “this f*cking bitch is drunk” or “this bitch is drunk off her ass accusing Ben of assaulting her.”

Investigators also report that Blash told the accuser and her friends on the night of the incident that “Roethlisberger has a lot of money” and if they were to follow through with a police report, they “would be wasting their time.”

Well done, Mr. Blash! Now, just so people know, he is only sort of resigning. As in, it was either that or get fired. Nice picture though, good to see you are buddy-buddy with a great guy. Go Steelers!


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