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Controversy Headlines Football-Packed Weekend

After a weekend full of NFL playoff games and some controversial plays to say the least, the AFC and NFC championships are all set for next Sunday. The Seattle Seahawks host the Green Bay Packers and the New England Patriots host the Indianapolis Colts.

It all started Saturday with the Seahawks faced the Carolina Panthers at Seattle’s CenturyLink Field. Russell Wilson once again proved that the big stage in the postseason does not faze him. In his young career, Wilson has a 5-1 record and a Super Bowl ring and has no plans to stop. He led the Seahawks to a 31-17 win over the Panthers, where he threw for 268 yards and three touchdown throws. He now has nine touchdowns and one interceptions in his playoff career. Kam Chancellor led the defense with 11 tackles and the decisive 90-yard interception return for a touchdown to give the Seahawks a commanding 31-10 lead in the fourth quarter.

The Patriots and Ravens played a close one at Gillette Stadium. The Ravens jumped to an early 14-0 lead in the first quarter and led again 28-14 in the third quarter, but Tom Brady’s masterful game helped the Patriots rally to a 35-31 Pats win. Brady finished the game with 367 yards passing, with three touchdowns and one interception. The highlight of the game came when wide receiver Julian Edelman, after catching a pass from Brady in the backfield, launched a 51-yard touchdown pass to Danny Amendola   to tie the game at 28.

The most controversial game came Sunday between the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys at a cold Lambeau Field. Despite playing with a tear in his calf, Aaron Rodgers continued to dominate at home. He threw for 316 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions. He hasn’t thrown an interception at home all season long. The controversy came when Tony Romo threw a deep pass to Dez Bryant on 4th and two—down by five with 4:42 to go. Bryant made a sensational play, going up to get the pass and coming down with what was called a complete pass to the Packers 1-yard line. The Packers challenged the play and got the call reversed; the referee said Bryant lost possession of the ball after the ball hit the ground. According to the rule, the refs ultimately got the call right, but talks will now begin to stir about changing the rule after the controversial call.

After the first three playoff games, every home team and favorite had won their respective games. That was not the case with the big underdog, Indianapolis Colts. Most experts had Peyton Manning and the Broncos going through the Colts to Face Brady and the Patriots next Sunday. The Colts’ defense and Andrew Luck had other plans. They held Peyton Manning to 26-46 passing, 211 yards and one touchdown. Luck on the other hand was spot on. He threw for 265 yards, two touchdowns and two long interceptions that served as punts at the time of the game. The Colts completed the upset, beating the Broncos on the road 24-13.

Source: ESPN / Photo Credit: USA Today Sports/Andrew Weber 


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