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Brad Childress, Percy Harvin Close to Fighting

Sources tell Ed Werder of ESPN that the confrontation between Minnesota Vikings WR Percy Harvin and head coach Brad Childress on Friday was a little worse than originally reported. We heard previously that there was a “heated” argument between the two after practice, but Werder’s sources say that it “was as close to physical as you can get.”

Harvin busted his ankle up pretty good in the loss to the New England Patriots last week. And he practiced for the first time last Friday after missing Wednesday and Thursday. He was seen limping pretty badly that day in the portion of practice open to the media.

So therefore, it was up to Childress to question Harvin’s effort. Makes perfect sense! The guy can hardly walk, but let’s suggest that they submit the ankle for further testing! Thanks for working through a bum ankle, Percy! Stop dogging it!

So, as you can guess, Harvin didn’t appreciate getting called out. So the two got in each other’s faces and got into a heated shouting match. According to Werder, one Viking told Harvin: “You just did what a lot of us have been wanting to say for years.”


Harvin is questionable this week against the Arizona Cardinals, but why would he bust his ass to get out there and play for Childress? Doesn’t seem like anyone of them want to at this point.

Childress needs to go. Stevie Wonder can see that.


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