Confirmed: Ines Sainz Part of Pacquiao-Margarito Because She’s Hot


Many wondered what it was about Ines Sainz that made Top Rank executives sign her as an interviewer for the Antonio Margarito vs. Manny Pacquiao showdown.

Was it her amazing knack for finding the story within the story, like she did when she ran around measuring the biceps of NFL players?

Perhaps the way she always keeps it professional with her interview subjects, like she did the times when she rode players’ shoulders around the field on media day?

Heck, it could just be her ability to stay in the background and not steal the spotlight or attention away from the athletes she is supposed to be covering.

So which one is it? If you guessed none of the above, you would be correct.

Here is a direct excerpt from Top Rank president Todd duBoef on why Sainz was brought on board for this fight:

“We could've got a Jeremy Schaap or Al Bernstein, but that's been done every time," he said. "Ines is obviously pleasing to the eye, and we're repositioning our sport to hit all markets, to make us more contemporary."

Translation: She got the job because she looks better in size 2 jeans than Schaap or Bernstein.

Sainz made headlines earlier this year when some New York Jets players reportedly acted inappropriately in her presence. While she was in the locker room trying to do a piece on Mark Sanchez, she was reportedly the victim of some unwanted comments and attention.

Once that storm died down, the good folks at Top Rank decided to bring the much-discussed Sainz into the biggest boxing match of the year -- in part to capitalize off her 15 minutes of fame and in part, as Sainz herself described it, to benefit off of her “friendly and fresh” style.

Friendly and fresh indeed.

It’s great to know that a woman who made headlines for being unfairly objectified and treated because of her looks and inviting demeanor now got a gig on the most anticipated fight of the year because of, well, her looks and inviting demeanor.


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