NBA's Rookie-Sophomore Game Means Something in 2011

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The title pretty much says it all here.

In every single NBA season leading up to now, the Rookie-Sophomore game during All Star weekend has been nothing more than a sideshow. Whether I watched it was typically determined by how big of a loser I was, meaning that if I had nothing better to do on a Friday night, I might tune in from time to time.

This year, things figure to be a bit different.

Blake Griffin’s potential presence alone would be enough to get me to watch, because lord knows what he might do in a game where people aren’t really trying to keep him from dunking. However, the biggest reason for my sudden interest in the meaningless game is the Kentucky presence we are almost assured of seeing in the game. In fact, here’s my guess at what the starting line-up is going to look like for the rooks.

John Wall
Landry Fields
Wesley Johnson
Blake Griffin
DeMarcus Cousins

Count me in. It’s going to be a lot of fun to see Cousins and Wall playing together again (and maybe even Bledsoe off the bench, but I doubt it). Especially in a pick-up game situation, the former Amigos are going to be very entertaining. Plus, the possibility of Wall dishing alley-oops to Griffin and Wes Johnson is a pretty exciting prospect.

Even though the outcome of this game is totally meaningless, there are going to be enough talented players involved that I think the level of competition will be high. With Wall, Cousins, and Griffin on one side going up against the likes of Stephen Curry and Tyreke Evans, it could be quite a game. Cousins and Griffin would give the rookies the advantage inside against the relatively weak group of DeJuan Blair and Tyler Hansbrough, so the sophomores’ current 8-3 advantage in the game could be cut into.


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