Concussions Left Ex-NFL Quarterback Kevin Kolb With Permanent Brain Damage


Once upon a time, Kevin Kolb was viewed as a promising young NFL quarterback. A string of concussions and underwhelming performances led to his ouster from the league, and he now finds himself on an extremely long list of potential-laden prospects who never really produced in pro football.

Even though Kolb’s playing days are over, he’s reminded every day of the damage he inflicted on his brain while playing football. Here’s what Kolb wrote in an MMQB column this week about the aftermath of his numerous concussions:

“The ringing is like someone shooting a shotgun right next to my ear, every second of every day. It doesn't go away.

The sensitivity to light also has a profound impact. I'll be in a business meeting indoors and have to politely ask to put on my sunglasses before the headaches and double vision start.

But I can deal with those symptoms. The short-term memory loss is more difficult. Sometimes I don't know if I'm just busy with a very full schedule and that's why I can't remember everything, or if it's a concussion symptom.”

Kolb credits his religious faith with helping him conquer his daily struggle.

“Even with these issues, which I know I will have my whole life, I can truly say my life after football doesn’t feel incomplete,” Kolb says.

As awareness about the severe head traumas caused by playing football continues to increase, don’t be surprised if more and more players come forward with similar stories. 


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