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Complete Fight Review: Kell Brook vs. Matthew Hatton

00:10- And that is that. Brook never looked in trouble tonight- a single punch in round eight aside- he was almost completely untroubled. Surely a big, big fight awaits him next? A world title? Amir Khan? Both could be possible before the end of 2012. Goodnight!

Former Chelsea and Leeds midfielder Jody Morris on Twitter: “Disappointing fight…too one sided!!”

00:00- Both men embrace at the bell- Brook will be annoyed to have dominated without forcing the stoppage but no one is in any doubt about the result. Scorecards read 118 – 109, 119-108, 119-107 all in favour of Brook.

Round 12: Brook wants this stoppage no doubt about it. A Brook storm is disrupted by more referee action from Marcus McDonnell. Hatton is hanging on here no doubt about it but is doing just enough to keep his nostrils above the onrushing water. A scrappy final minute as both men run the clock down. Final bell enables Hatton to leave the arena with his chin held high. Brook a clear and comfortable winner. Boxing Fancast scorecard 119-108 Brook

Round 11: Brook knows he needs to be a little careful not to walk into any further unecessary punishment. Another combination shakes Hatton to his boots but yet again Brook is unable to finish it here. Referee warns Brook for pushing his opponent down towards the canvas but takes no points. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 109-99 Brook

Boxing Fancast’s Chudi on Twitter: “Hatton catches Brook with 2 left hooks, leaping in with them like Ricky would!”

Round 10: Hatton needs something big here and inside the opening minute he delivers- a big left hook rocks Brook back onto his heels. Credit to Hatton here- he obviously still fancies the task. Brook is coming back at his rival and lands another decent combination but Hatton is doing enough on my card to have this session. The referee warns both men for hitting behind the head and that does enough to disrupt the final seconds. Hatton takes it. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 99-90 Brook

Round 9: A more sedate start to the ninth round and all of a sudden Hatton is down. A flashing left hook sends the man contesting his 50th pro battle to the canvas. Legs of the older man appear to be steady but Brook has over two minutes to end this. Hatton uses his experience to tie up his younger foe but that was a disaster. Not that the scorecard is the issue anymore. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 90-80 Brook

Round 8: Brook is doubling up on that jab of his and it is really preventing Hatton from closing the gap. Right hand on the bridge of Hatton’s nose punishes another venture into the Brook hitting zone. The Mancunian not as desperate as he was two rounds ago but still not troubling the scorers. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 80-72 Brook

Round 7: Another 90 seconds of the same fare from Brook but Hatton lands an overhand right to slow the runaway train for a minute. In fact this could even be the first session for the underdog. Brook probably has enough in the bank to make his final burst before the bell a round winning contribution. Hatton needs to really up this right now. Boxing Fancast scorecard 70-63 Brook

Dereck Chisora on Twitter: “Hatton needs to come out that ring.”

Round 6: Brook has left some serious mental scars on Hatton after those last few sessions. The unbeaten man is landing whenever he wishes. Hatton gets frustrated and hits Brook on the break. Both men get a little referee warning but in all honesty it  just acts as a temporary buffer. More unanswered shots from 25-year-old Brook. Halfway- this could be a whitewash. Boxing Fancast scorecard 60-54

Round 5: Hatton finally starts a session well. He is dropping his hands a little and taking risks but after the start we’ve seen, he needs to take some chances. Double jab from Brook calms the pace down before another combination has Hatton reeling. Final minute of the session- blood now very evident on the nose of the Manchester-born Hatton. Brook really goes to work through these final seconds of the round. Impressive stuff. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 50-45

Round 4: Brook appears to have switched to southpaw for the early stages of round four. Hatton gets a little closer than he has managed previously but every time Hatton appears to get a foothold, Brook steps on the gas and lands a three or four punch combination. Hatton chases in wildly but is caught on the way in without landing anything meaningful. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 40-36

Round 3: This is not looking great for Matthew Hatton at all. The 30-year-old is far too placid in these early stages and Brook appears to be landing at will. Maybe Hatton’s best combination of the fight so far, but Brook’s power is certainly causing problems. More good work from Hatton but Brook looks too comfortable to give the session away. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 30-27

Spencer Oliver on Twitter: “Good start from Brook, Hatton taking to long to get off with his shots.#boxing

Round 2: Brook looks very smooth in the cente of the ring. He looks at least three or four inches taller than his rival, despite the pair standing more or less level. Brook is landing a lot here early on. Hatton is trying to get close when he can, but the Sheffield man’s footwork is excellent. More high intenstity work from the favourite to close out the session. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 20-18 Brook

Round 1: A lot of people expecting Hatton to fly out of the blocks here. No fire to speak of so far. Decent bodyshot from the former European title holder but Brook lands an impressive combination to draw a little blood from Hatton nose… Boxing Fancast scorecard: 10-9 Brook

Sky’s Jonny Nelson on Twitter: “What a vibe here tonight.. Wkd show so far.”

23:07- Introductions done, here we go…

23:05- Both men are in the ring and ready to roll. Hatton, the 6/1 underdog, in particular looks very, very cool. Brook, as you would expect received a huge ovation from his home crowd. Are they to enjoy what they see?

23:02- Fighters on their way…

22:59- But now for the fight that has been labelled the “Battle of the Roses”. The winner is almost certainly set to face a world title tilt in 2012 but who will take the opportunity? Has Matthew Hatton got enough about him to expose Brook in front of 10,000 of his own fans? Kell Brook, likewise, is under some pressure. Almost every pundit has picked ‘Special K’ to win this fight handily but if things don’t go his way in the opening sessions will Brook panic?

22:40- We are looking at about a 23:00 start time tonight at the Sheffield Arena. Elsewhere on the card, Carl Frampton has just retained his super-bantamweight Commonwealth title with an easy second round stoppage over Prosper Ankrah. Earlier tonight Welshman Kerry Hope shocked everyone as he captured the European middleweight title with a majority decision over previously unbeaten Grzegorz Proksa.

Proksa suffered a bad early cut, but Hope showed buckets of ambition to outwork his hampered opponent down the stretch.

22.37- Later we will have coverage of Matthew Macklin’s attempts to wrest the WBC middleweight title from Sergio Martinez, however for now we’re going to focus on as big a domestic dust up seen since David Haye knocked out Enzo Maccarinelli four years ago.

22:33- They say Kell Brook is destined for big things. Amir Khan is said to be a future opponent for the Sheffield-born star. Tonight, Brook puts his perfect 26-0 record on the line against a familiar face in Matthew Hatton. Hatton spent years on the undercards of his big brother Ricky’s world title fights, and until recently looked destined for journeyman mediocrity. For him, a shot at Brook represents a chance to climb back into a world title ring and the belt he feels he deserves.

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