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Complete 2012 Chicago Bulls Summer League Roster

Earlier this month I wrote up and reported the first six named to the Bulls' Summer League roster. Now, we'll get you the rest of names.

(Special thanks to Blog-a-Bull for gathering CSNChicago's Aggrey Sam's Tweets that were breaking this story.)

Sam says, "Jimmy Butler, Marquis Teague, Leon Powe, Demetri McCamey, Ramone Moore, Malcolm Thomas, Olek Czyz, Chase Simon, Justin Johnson, Jamie Skeen, Jermaine Taylor, Henry Sims, Edwin Ubiles, according to source. Group will practice at the Berto before departing for Vegas; First game on the 17th. FA PGs Jonny Flynn and Marcus Banks among those (including Charles Abouo, NIU's Jake Anderson, and Kashif Watson, CJ's younger brother) who will practice in Chicago but not play in Las Vegas. Of course, this is summer league, so subject to change."

I'm very excited to see this team in action.

Henry Sims was undrafted but could be a dark horse candidate to replace back-up center Omer Asik. Sims is very skilled and comes from a long line of talented Georgetown U. big men.

This will be a very big and talented summer league squad headed by veteran Leon Powe and newly drafted Marquis Teague alongside current Bull -- the only Bull from last season on the team -- Jimmy Butler.

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