Comparing Alexander Gustafsson to Other Big UFC Superstars


Whether fans agreed or not, the comparisons between Alexander Gustafsson and Jon Jones were many during Saturday's UFC on Fuel 2 broadcast. From their long reach to limitless potential, it seemed Fuel commentators Mike Goldberg and Kenny Florian could not stop rattling off the similarities between these talented light heavyweights.

"Now that Jon Jones is officially THE big thing, I think it is now official that the next big thing is Alexander Gustafsson," remarked Goldberg.

While Gustafsson is not ready to lay claim to a title shot just yet, he was quick to welcome the comparison.

"We are two different fighters, but just mentioning my name against a top guy like him is good feedback, of course," explained Gustafsson. "I just want to fight the top five guys in my division and when a title shot comes, I will be more than ready,

The similarities in their builds are undeniable. At 6' 4" with an 84.5" reach, Jones has the longest wingspan in the UFC. While "The Mauler" isn't quite at rangy, he uses his 6' 5" frame to his advantage, something that frustrated Thiago Silva in his decision victory.

They are also two of the most dynamic strikers in the division, mixing up their attacks on the feet and at 24 and 25, respectively, "Bones" and Gustafsson have shown tremendous upside in a sport that typically sees fighters reach their peak closer to thirty.

While Dana White could not reveal Gustafsson's next matchup, he believes the Swede will continue to move up the light heavyweight ladder.

"Tonight was a big fight for him," White said. "It was a big first step. I think that now he needs to start fighting some of the guys in the top five and we'll see if he fights his way up to a title shot against either Jones or Evans, whoever wins next weekend."

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