Colts Peyton Manning Will Probably Need More Surgery

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Reports have been flying all around the internet about Peyton Manning's status.

According to multiple sources, the situation is indeed as bad as has been reported.

I have learned the following things:

1. Jim Irsay's tweets were indeed meant to inform fans as to the status of Manning.

2. Manning has no structural damage in his shoulder or arm, but his nerves have been slow to respond. He lacks feeling in his triceps in particular.

3. The pace of Manning's recovery has shocked the Colts. The original reports of a 6-8 week recovery were not lies or evasions. The Colts honestly opened camp expecting Manning to be ready to play, but for reasons no one can fully understand, the nerves have not responded normally. This is a massive surprise. There hasn't been a set back, just a lack of progress. The Colts have not been misleading fans as to Manning's condition; they are as surprised as everyone else is.

4. Another surgery is a likely outcome at this point. I believe (but have not been informed) that when the Colts say that 'no surgery has been planned' they are playing word games. My understanding is that this is headed for surgery, though it hasn't been scheduled definitively.

5. Because this is a neck/nerve issue, there is at least a chance this could be career ending injury. That's obviously a dire result, and no one is necessarily expecting that outcome, but this is every bit as bad as it could be. This is serious. has contacted the Colts for a comment on this story. They are aware of the reports but can neither confirm nor deny the story.

The sources involved in this story are personally known to the staff. They have chosen to speak off the record. Not every detail relayed was confirmed by multiple sources, though no detail was disputed either. All sources confirmed the essential integrity of story that Manning's condition is in fact 'bad'. has followed our editorial standards in the reporting of this story. This information was compiled via a team effort with other members of the staff.

OV Note: After this post was published, the Colts released a detailed statement pretty much confirming everything in this article. In response, 18to88 posted this piece.


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