Colts Peyton Manning to Miss 4 to 5 Weeks?


We’ve been mentioning Indianapolis Colts QB Peyton Manning quite a bit on OTR lately. First we mentioned a report that he would need an additional procedure on his neck, then we passed along Mort’s report that that wasn’t true.

Now, CBS’ Mike Freeman says that the Colts are prepared to be without Peyton for 4-5 weeks. That’s not saying that he will be out that long, he’s just saying that it’s a possibility…and it could be even more.

“I can tell you the coaches are preparing for a longer period of life without Manning,” writes Freeman. “They are hoping for the best but now fearing the worst.”

We don’t know exactly what “the worst” is, but it doesn’t sound good. In a very tough AFC, we can’t see the Colts making the playoffs if Manning is out for 4-5 weeks. We could be wrong, who knows? In fantasy football, we can’t see touching this guy before the 5th or 6th round.


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