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3rd Grader Konnor Vanatta Can't Wear Peyton Manning Jersey, '18' is Gang Number

In Greeley, Colorado, students and parents are upset about a policy that restricts them from wearing Peyton Manning's jersey to school due to the number 18, which is associated with a Los Angeles gang. 

According to the Daily Mail, third grade student Konnor Vanatta was told to not wear Manning's jersey again because "it's a gang number." 

It's not just the students who are upset about the clothing restriction, parents are equally angered. 

"I'm pretty upset the schools have come down to this and I think they need to start paying attention to the education the children are getting rather than what they're wearing," Konnor's mother, Pam Vannatta, said. 

The number 18 is just one of many numbers that are restricted in the school district. Weld County District Six said the numbers 13, 14, 18, 31, 41, and 81 are all restricted, and have been for over three years. 

"We're Broncos fans ourselves; it has nothing to do with that. We're just wanting to set a consistent, solid example," said district spokesperson Roger Fiedler. 

Vanatta did not let the school district stop him from wearing jerseys, as he wore a No. 61 jersey to school on Tuesday in an effort to protest the policy. 

Eighteen is associated with the 18th Street gang in LA. 

The Broncos quarterback was signed with the Indianapolis Colts, but was injured and did not play. During the off season, he was signed with the Broncos, giving hope to Broncos fans that their team may make the playoffs this year. 

The team's season takes off this Sunday with the Broncos playing the Pittsburgh Steelers.


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