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College World Series Preview: South Carolina vs. Arkansas

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It's another game day in the College World Series.  After Saturday night's win against Florida, the Gamecocks will take on Arkansas tonight.

Where can I watch?  The game will be on ESPN2 and should start about 9 pm Eastern.  It could be a little later if the Kent State - Florida game is a long one.  Orel Hershiser will be one of the announcers, so Gamecock fans might want to listen to Andy Demetra and Tommy Moody on the Gamecock Radio Network.

We've already played these guys, right?  Yes, USC traveled to Fayetteville for the regular season match up with the Razorbacks.  South Carolina won Friday and Sunday, but lost on Saturday.  All 3 games were extremely close, and this one should be as well.

What is Arkansas's strength?  Their pitching.  The Hogs have two very, very good starters in D.J. Baxendale and Ryan Stanek.  Baxendale pitched on Saturday, so Stanek gets the call tonight.  He is a hard throwing pitcher who can get into the mid to upper 90s.  Barrett Astin, who is a very good closer, will be available in relief.

Who will we pitch?  Colby Holmes will get the start.  He has had two dynamite starts in the NCAA tournament against Manhattan and Oklahoma.  He was injured when the Razorbacks and Gamecocks first met, so he will be a little new to some of the Arkansas hitters.

If Holmes doesn't last?  Matt Price could be available for about an inning or maybe two.  Tyler Webb could get a call, and Evan Beal would be a possibility as well.

So, what's next?  If South Carolina wins, they won't play again until Thursday night against whomever survives among Florida, Kent State and Arkansas.  If they lose, they will play the winner of the Florida - Kent State game on Wednesday night.

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