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College Football Weekly Review: Oregon Violations, Kickoffs, Danny O'Brien and More

Like I did last off-season, each week I will be taking a look at the most interesting stories of the week and giving out some comments and opinions. Let's get this started...

NCAA Alleges Oregon Violations

The NCAA has alleged violations against Oregon for the way they used recruiting services over the last four years. Anybody who followed the Lache Seastrunk and Willie Lyles story that hit last year won't find this news exactly shocking. Oregon has admitted that it "failed to monitor" it's use of recruiting services and it's football recruiting.

It's always tough to figure out how the NCAA will deal with the allegations. The more a school complies with the NCAA, the easier the NCAA seems to take it on them (at least generally speaking). If Oregon plays it's cards right and nothing else if found then they should get out of this without any serious (bowl ban) restrictions and Chip Kelly won't have to pull a Pete Carroll and vanish into the night.

Kickoffs Moving

This year kick-offs will be moving from the 30 to the 35 yard line and teams will be limited to a running start of five yards. Also, touchbacks will be moved to the 25 yard line. This is being done to attempt to limit injuries that happen on kick-offs. Speaking strictly as a fan I'm not big on the change because it should reduce a lot of the excitement of kick-offs. However, if it saves some kids from getting injured then it's probably the right move. Pre-Snap Read took a look this week at which teams might benefit from the new rule

Danny O'Brien Gets Full Release

Randy Edsall has finally given in and will now allow his former QB Danny O'Brien a full release from his scholarship. That means he is able to transfer anywhere (but he still must sit out one year per NCAA rules). Originally, Edsall denied O'Brien the chance to transfer to Vanderbilt (among other schools) and join former Maryland OC James Franklin. I think it's pretty easy to see that pressure from above has caused Edsall to relent and give in to avoid any more negative press. You would think that somebody who just won two (yes a whopping two games) in his debut year at Maryland would want the least amount of people possible talking about him. Not Edsall. He seems to want to stay in the spotlight when he should be underground dedicating every minute of his being to watching tape and building gameplans for next season because the Terps are going to need all the help they can get.

My Favorite Links From This Week:

- Our buddy Michael Felder wrote a piece for Crystal Ball Run about Spring Football. It's an FAQ on all things about spring football. Head on over there and learn a thing or two!

- Kris Brauner from Saturday Night Slant reviews what he would change about college football. I can't say I agree with him on everything but it's an interesting read.

- Tom Perry of the Eye and Eer Blog reviewed the 25 players that he feels will be facing the most scrutiny in 2011. For Georgia, he listed Isaiah Crowell which makes a lot of sense of the surface. But, Georgia also signed two big time recruits to challenge Isaiah so if he has the same injury issues this year then there will actually be guys to take his place. For my money, it's Aaron Murray from Georgia that will be facing more pressure. The #1 guy in the Nation on the list? Matt Barkley. I definitely agree with that especially after Barkley started his Heisman candidacy with a presser to tell everybody he was staying in school.

- Cory Fravel of the Clemson blog Cemetery Hill wrote an interesting piece about the Clemson offensive coaching staff traveling to Nevada to get some tips from Chris Ault. Clemson was very good on offense last year and Morris continues to push hard to make them improve on that side of the football.


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