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College Football Week 6 Preview: How Important is this Weekend for Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, LSU?

Is this weekend's game between South Carolina and Georgia a elimination game for the SEC East title? That seems to be the conventional wisdom. The theory is that a Georgia win would be too much to overcome. Given UGa's relatively easy schedule it will be tough for the Dawgs to lose two more. Conversely, if the South Carolina Gamecocks are good enough to beat UGa, they might not lose two more either.

There's another possibility, and it's name is Florida. If the Gators are back, then there is a three team race. So what?

Well, in that scenario one loss isn't fatal. All three could have a loss and tie for the division. It's possible it could come down to BCS standings to break the tie. If so, the team that loses on Saturday might be in the best shape because they'd have more time to climb the polls.

That's not to say Saturday night isn't important or that the winning team won't have an advantage, but its not the whole season. The Gamecocks will certainly be in a better position with a win, but the East won't be sewn up this weekend.

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