College Football Week 3 Predictions: Wisconsin, Auburn, Pitt, Cal, Maryland, Utah and More

A much better week for me and an incredible week for TSE handicapping team. I went 7-3 on my posted picks, but got hammered for the second week in a row on my newsletter selection (Oklahoma State – Arizona UNDER 70). Once again I was able to beat the closing line on nearly every game. I ended up beating the closing line on every selection except Oregon -33.5, which closed at -33.

UCLA, Tennessee and Oregon State all added another win to my season win totals selections. Unfortunately Auburn lost again, Utah was upset by Utah State, as was Iowa by Iowa State (at home  no less).

Beating the closing line

I beat the closing line in 12 of 13 games in Week # 1 (92.31%) and my overall closing line value was +3. This past week (week # 2) I beat the closing line in 8 of 12 games, but 3 of the remaining 4 games I wagered right at the closing line (I beat the closing line in the Indiana – UMASS total, which ended up being a push) . So I beat the closing line in 8 of 9 games (88.89%) and my overall closing line value for week # 2 was +1.5.

College Football Picks Week # 3

I got most of these sides Sunday night but I wasn’t able to place them on the site until today (Tuesday, September 11, 2012) , so I will post them using current lines.

Rutgers +9
Stanford +9
California +17.5
Maryland +3
Utah +4
Auburn -16.5
Houston +17.5
Pitt +10

Wisconsin -14

I am not as good as GoSooners when it comes to finding good situational spots, but this one sure looks like a good one for Wisky. First off, an OOC loss to Oregon State really isn’t that big of a deal for Wisconsin. It has no bearing on the Big 10 race, and should have definitely served as a wake up call for the Badgers. Got to believe that after that ass-kicking and the subsequent firing of their OL coach, Bielema will be lighting a fire under all the coaches and players this week.

Utah State just beat their biggest in-state rival for the first time in 15 years. Gotta believe they are higher than a kite right now and have loved reading all their press clippings this week. Now they have to make the long road trip to Madison and face a pissed off Badgers team in need of a W.

BC – Northwestern O 53
NIU – Army U 49.5
Alabama – Arkansas U 54
Texas – Ole Miss U 48

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