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College Football Week 12 Recap: LSU, Oregon, Oklahoma State, Baylor and More

It was just a few weeks ago that it seemed like we had too many undefeated teams in college football and everyone was up in arms thinking deserving teams would be left on the outside looking in. In week eight we saw Oklahoma and Wisconsin fall from the land of the unbeaten. In week nine it was Clemson and Kansas State. Week ten saw Bama fall to LSU. Week eleven? Stanford fell to Oregon and Boise State got upset by TCU. This week though, it would be different, right?

Not so much. The earth already shook a little on Friday when Iowa State pulled off an improbable upset of undefeated Oklahoma State. Saturday looked like it was lining up to be a ho-hum day with USC/Oregon as the marquee match-up. The day started out innocently enough and then Lee Corso dropped the F bomb on ESPN's College GameDay and you knew it might be a little bit of a different day.

Not too much happened in the afternoon games. Georgia clinched the SEC East, Clemson got rolled by NC State, Houston stayed undefeated, Michigan clobbered Nebraska and Wisconsin zooked Illinois. It wasn't until the night game that the anarchy started to reign supreme. 

There was a crazy finish to Florida State/Virginia that got the craziness started. A re-play and then an off-sides penalty gave FSU and Jimbo Fisher a chance to win after they had seemingly fumbled the game away with bad time management. But it was not to be as FSU kicked wide and Virginia came up with a huge win.

Immediately after that, Oregon made a furious rally against Lane Kiffin and USC. Oregon cut USC's 38-14 lead down to 3 points on a LaMichael James TD run in the 4th quarter. USC then mounted a four minute drive to try and ice the game but Marc Tyler and Matt Barkley botched a hand-off and Oregon took over with 3:13 left in the game. Oregon came driving downfield furiously, continously running the clock and holding onto their timeouts as they pushed momentum and tried to keep USC's defense on the field and on it's heels. Oregon drove all the way down to the 25 and then got a gift off-sides penalthy from USC right before Oregon tried to kick a game tying FG. Unfortunately, it was not to be as Oregon missed a 37 yard FG to end the game. But it wasn't over yet.

With two top five teams already having fallen this weekend in Oklahoma State and Oregon, would Oklahoma be next? Baylor and Oklahoma played back and forth all game with Baylor taking a 14 point lead in the final stanza. Oklahoma came roaring back and tied it up with just 51 seconds left. Oklahoma looked like they wanted to go for two and end the game (one way or the other) but they jumped off-side and settled for the extra point kick to tie the game. Then it was RG3 time. In a season that has been lacking in "Heisman Moments", Robert Griffin III finally gave us one. With just a few ticks left on the clock RG3 hit Terrance Williams on a beautiful 34 yard TD pass (that had been set up by some RG3 runs and a Kendall Wright reception) that would win the game as Baylor shocked Oklahoma 45-38.

One weekend successfully took out three of the top five teams in the BCS (and four of the top seven). When the new poll appears it should have three SEC teams at the top (LSU, Alabama and Arkansas). How crazy is that? Right now the BCS and the potential National Championship Game is in total and utter anarchy. Take our bowl predictions from last week and wad them up and throw them in the trash (but tune in next week for the new set). As a fan, this was some of the most exciting college football you will ever watch. Also as a fan, you also have to be think that this would be the perfect year for a play-off. There are so many good but flawed teams that it would make for fantastic TV down the stretch.

Yes, every week in college football is like a play-off and it already is fantastic TV but ultimately we want to see the best teams on the field at the end of the game and the only possible way to figure that out this year would be with a play-off. There are still several big games to play over the next few weeks and I look forward to watching them and wondering what else awaits us in this crazy college football season that is 2011.


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