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College Football Week 11 Rundown: LSU, Oklahoma State, TCU and More

Every year College Football fans worry about which undefeated teams will get left out of the BCS National Championship Game. The last four weeks have seen things fall into place as seven teams have fallen from the land of the unbeaten. In week eight Texas Tech shocked Oklahoma and Michigan State Hail Mary'd Wisconsin. Week nine saw Clemson fall to Georgia Tech and Kansas State get dropped by Oklahoma. Week ten saw LSU win the "Game of the Year of the Century" against Alabama. This week saw Oregon topple Stanford and TCU stun Boise State on the blue field.

The only three undefeated teams left are LSU, Oklahoma State and Houston. LSU and Oklahoma State now appear destined to meet in the BCS Championship Game. But the road is not as easy as you think. LSU has to face Arkansas (take a look at the video above) and possibly a much improved Georgia team in the SEC Championship Game. All Oklahoma State has to do is beat their most bitter rival in the final game of the season when Oklahoma comes calling. There is a real possibility that two one-loss teams could play for the National Championship. I think Chip Kelly would like that idea a lot.

Why do we love college football? It's the grind of the season and the importance of every game, especially as the year gets deeper and closer to it's end. Teams fortunes turn each week and some teams make entire turnarounds and are totally different at the end of the year. Take the curious case of Boise State, TCU and Georgia. Boise State beat up Georgia in the first game of the year by dominating the lines of scrimmage and TCU gave up a million points in a loss to RG3 and Baylor. Nobody would have thought TCU would somehow pull off a gritty gutsy upset of Boise State on the blue field like they did this week. And nobody saw Georgia winning eight straight after looking borderline awful in their first game against Boise and then fumbling away their second game against South Carolina.

In the case of TCU and Georgia, young players got better as the year went along and guys filled into their roles and gained confidence. In the case of Boise, injuries mounted and a malaise came over a team that plays a weak schedule week in and week out until it finally hurts them with a loss as they don't know how to respond to adversity when it is finally faced.

My bowl predictions I put out last week have gone up in smoke in just one week but that's what makes College Football so great. Literally anything can happen. Who would have thought Missouri would manhandle Texas 17-5 the week after Texas flexed it's running muscle and had people thinking they were back? Who would have thought that Big 12 cellar dwellar Kansas would have a shot to knock off Baylor in OT (they fell short but made a valiant effort). There are only three weeks of college football left in the regular season (and a 4th week that includes one regular season game- Army vs Navy) and things have never been more uncertain. I can't wait to see how everything plays out.


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