College Football Week 1 Quick Picks: Arkansas, LSU, Auburn, Ole Miss, Michigan and More

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Earlier this week, the LOHD staff selected the winners of the SEC East.  Here are the winners for the SEC West games.

Alabama v. Michigan (Arlington, TX)

Billy: They still don't have SEC speed in the B1G, much less the horses to run with Bama.  Tide Rolls.

LJ: Might be the best match up of week 1 of the College football season.  Shoelace and the Michigan offense will test Bama's defense early but in the end Nick Saban and his Bama defense will be to much.  Bama by 10 late.

Flounder: Awesome match-up but look for SEC speed and defense to shine brightly.  Roll Tide.

Bryant: Bama has some new faces on defense and Gregg Mattison improved the Michigan D last year. Bama wins, but doesn't look invincible.

ARKANSAS v. Jacksonville State

Billy: The Razorbacks are one of very few teams brave enough to schedule two Gamecocks' squads in the same season.  They get by the first test easily.

LJ: If the Hogs don't score over 50, fire John L Smith NOW.  I don't know if Vegas can get the odd's high enough for me to bet on this game.

Flounder: Arky will cruise to a win.

Bryant: A pay for play win here. Whether Arky looks focused and disciplined is the question.

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Auburn v. Clemson (Atlanta, GA)

Billy: Auburn's not going to be any good with all their problems on offense.  The (nauseating) Clemson hype machine will be in overdrive early.

LJ: TIger Bowl 2012 will be all Taters.  Auburn needs a QB and a lot more to have a chance.  This will be the only SEC team Clemson beats all year.

Flounder: Tigers win and by that I mean the real Tigers...Auburn.

Bryant: Clemson traditions:  Death Valley. Tiger Rag. Howard's rock. Rolling over and playing dead when the bright lights are on. Brian Van Gorder will have the Auburn D playing well early.

LSU v. North Texas

Billy: Sacrificial lamb to to be sacrificed in the real Death Valley.  Tigers cruise.

LJ: North Texas will need a whole lot of luck to score in this game.  Corndogs for dinner all week long.  LSU by 50.

Flounder: LSU better apologize before the beating.

Bryant: LSU win. Bought and paid for.

OLE MISS v. Central Arkansas

Billy: The Rebels will win this game, but they won't win by very much.

LJ: The streets of Oxford will be slammed full of Hot Coed's.  Ole Miss wins it first of 3 games this year.  Another long year for the Rebels.

Flounder: What can you say besides bring back Ol' Reb. Ole Miss wins.

Bryant: Ole Miss won't win many this year, but this will be one of them.

MISS STATE v. Jackson State

Billy: Bulldogs have had trouble in the SEC West, but they won't have any trouble in this one.

LJ: Battle of Mississippi football power house's.  State wins, more cowbell.  I said more Cowbell.

Flounder: Bulldogs all the way.

Bryant: MSU bowl game formula: 3 pay for play wins, 3 conference wins. 1 down, 5 to go.


Billy: Note to Aggies regarding new scheduling now that they are in the SEC: don't play at Louisiana Tech.  It just looks bad.  Aggies win a close one.

LJ: I hope the Aggies know to chant SEC! SEC! SEC !once there are up by 30.  Texas A&M gets there first win as a member of the SEC.

Flounder: A&M will prevail in second half after some nail-biting.

Bryant: At some point in time, LA Tech knocked some one off, so you are always suckered into watching them hoping for an upset. Not happening. 2 TV night for SEC fans.

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