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College Football Week 1 Predictions: Florida, Kentucky, Missouri, South Carolina and More

Each week the writers at Leftover Hot Dog argue about the weekend's upcoming games.  Rather than keep that amongst ourselves, we're going to make our picks public and on the record.  That way everyone can see who really can pick the games.  Here's week one for the East.  Home teams are in caps.

FLORIDA v. Bowling Green

Billy: The Gators offensive problems aren't that bad.  This will be ugly.

LJ: Has anybody seen Urban Meyer?  Florida's defense shows up, and gets it done.

Flounder: Florida gets a chance to prove doubters wrong yet it is Bowling Green mind you. UF wins.

Bryant: Will this be a "not this crap again" opener for UF fans or a "hey, we can a compete for Atlanta" type of opener. UF wins, and looks competent on offense.

GEORGIA v. Buffalo

Billy: Little known fact:  UGa was slated to play Southern Cal in the opener, but when the SEC re-did the schedule Buffalo was magically there.  Bulldogs win.

LJ: UGA wins big, setting up a big match up next week in Columbia.  Too bad it is in Missouri.

Flounder: Buffalo is just happy to be here. UGa gets a tune-up. Dawgs win.

Bryant: Despite having half a secondary, UGA rolls.

Keep reading for the rest of the East.

Kentucky v. LOUISVILLE

Billy: The mighty, mighty Big East flexes its last remaining muscle, and the Cardinals beat the Wildcats.

LJ: Joker, don't let the door hit you on the way out.   Congrat's Charlie, you will get a better job very soon.

Flounder: Joker is running out of time to prove a point. Birds over Cats.

Bryant: The start of a long year in Lexington. Let the Charlie Strong to SEC rumors commence.

MISSOURI v. SE Louisiana

Billy: This is how you play a minor school from Louisiana.  Have them come to your place, pay them some cash and beat them mercilessly.  Take note A&M.

LJ: Missouri looks good against SE Louisiana, please save some for UGA next week.

Flounder: America is against you SE Louisiana and I am too.

Bryant: Will the score be uglier than Mizzous new uni's? Not likely.

Tennessee v. NC State (Atlanta, GA)

Billy: Ah yes, the match-up the Chick Fil-A kickoff organizers always dreamed of.  Vols and Tyler Bray show off their new offense, and Derek Dooley avoids heating up the hot seat any more this week.

LJ: Wolfpack fans might not show up, but Tom O'Brien will have the pack ready.   Dooley's orange pants will be on fire after this one.

Flounder: Look for the UT color orange to have success even with Tyler Bray.

Bryant: Dooley better win or it gets ugly in Knoxville. The Vols pull it out, but not without answering may questions.

South Carolina v. VANDERBILT

Billy: The difference in this game will be the lines.  South Carolina holds an advantage there.

LJ: Defensive line keeps the Vandy offense in check, and Lattimore shows the college football world that he is back.  Gamecocks by <7

Flounder: It is Vandy. Wait, it is Vandy. Look for a tight game early on but the Gamecocks should pull away late thanks someone named Lattimore and another named Clowney.

Bryant: The James Franklin hype machine gets cooled off for a week. The master teaches the new kid on the block about writing checks his lines of scrimmage can't cash.

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