College Football Stadium Review: Vaught-Hemingway Stadium

We've got some time to kill before college football comes back into our lives, and since I am known as a helpful and informative person (probably not true), I'm gonna take the next however many weeks and offer you thorough reviews of each SEC stadium.  And by thorough review, I mean I'll be using my exceptional bias, Google reviews, and lots of colored lines hand drawn on Google maps.

My qualifications for such an endeavor are that I've been to all the SEC stadiums but Missourah's, usually to witness a skull-dragging of Ole Miss, and I can look up stuff on Google Maps pretty quickly.  I suggest that you file these informative reports away for your road trip destinations this season so you won't end up like that pair of Oklahoma State fans I saw walking around a couple of miles away from the old Cotton Bowl, waiting to be murdered.

To keep you from becoming disoriented, you need to know where things are in relation to the stadium.  Once you master the lay of the land, you can maximize your time engaging in various pregame activities and, most importantly, avoid asking Ole Miss fans questions because you don't want to repeatedly hear "ISN'T THIS GREAT, PROBABLY WAY BETTER THAN WHATEVER YOUR SCHOOL DOES."  But, you should know, that it totally is way better than whatever your school does.

This guide should help you move seamlessly around the stadium.

(right-click for seeability)

All "we're better than you" aside, if you've never been to a game at Ole Miss, you need to change your life for the better and go.  I've said this many, many times, but visiting fans coming to Ole Miss get the best of everything.  They get to experience Oxford, which is one of the great towns in the US of A, enjoy pre- and postgame festivities unlike any other, and their team is probably going to win the game.

For the uninformed, Ole Miss' only true homefield advantage is in Shreveport, where we've been wiping the floor with Big 12 teams since David Cutcliffe came to Oxford and recruited and coached like he wanted to spend every late December in the Port City.

Once you've finished your pregame festivities and make your way to the stadium, it's important to know where to look for things.  With that in mind, here's an in-stadium guide.

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Visiting fans are usually well represented in Oxford due to the reasons mentioned above and Ole Miss' fans lack of ticket-buying and/or readiness to sell tickets to anyone who does business in American dollars.  To our credit, visiting tickets are a little tougher to get when Ole Miss is competitive, so you've got until at least 2014 before tickets MIGHT be a little tougher to acquire.

But enough of my bias.  What about the people?  The razor-thin segment of the population who are Ole Miss fans, can work the Internets, and take the time to write a Google review.  What do they have to say?

As you can see, Ole Miss fans apply the same zeal to Google reviews as they do to hanging on to their tickets.  But, there you have it.  Vaught-Hemingway Stadium is a very glad place to be on a Saturday and home sweet home for everyone.

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