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College Football Rumors: South Carolina's Shawn Elliott to Appalachian State?

The Appalachian State football program is courting Shawn Elliott, offensive line coach and run game coordinator for South Carolina, to be their next head coach.

The first reaction in reading this news as it was first reported by is ...."oh god, no." However, as I step back and think about Mr. Elliott and what he is all about, I begin to see how it is a perfect fit and I am happy for him.

Elliott got his degree from App. State, begin his coaching career in Boone, N.C., and helped the Mountaineers win three championships. I could see how if asked to take over as head coach he would say yes. And who could blame him.

If it does happen, I feel it would be a excellent hire by ASU. Elliott is a first-class coach that brings passion to the profession. Yes, he will be missed it he goes as he has made a difference at USC. But things like this happen to good coaches as talent is hard to ignore and when Spurrier builds a winning program, other schools take notice. If the Gamecocks are able to retain Elliott, we should rejoice as it would be a major step for the 2013 season both on and off the field.

Trust Spurrier to do the right thing. I am sure he will make it a tough decision for Elliott. Worst case and ASU snatches him up then I am sure Spurrier will find a quality replacement. Trust Spurrier. 

Stay tuned for news on which direction Elliott goes....

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