College Football Realignment: Texas A&M to SEC is a Good Idea


So you're tired of the conference realignment talk? Trust me, I am too.

Folks, A&M to the SEC would be an absolutely incredible event for southern college football. After renegotiation of TV contracts, the SEC’s television footprint will jump to over a quarter of the country. Each SEC school will likely see upwards of $2,000,000 more in annual TV revenue than they did without Texas A&M.

To top it off, SEC teams will get invaluable exposure in the most fertile recruiting grounds in the country each and every year (though, I admittedly don’t think it will boost their out-of-state recruiting like many in the conference realignment talk think it will).

The SEC is all about tradition and pageantry, and there’s no school in the nation that has more of either than Texas A&M. The 12th Man, Midnight Yell, the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band, Yell Leaders, incredible tailgating, the mystique of Kyle Field, the magic of football under the lights of moonlit Texas sky…folks, we have tradition and pageantry for days that would be a perfect fit in the SEC.

Still not convinced? Texas A&M brings a load of history as well. We’re 25th on the list of the most successful college football program of all-time, even after a recent 10-year stretch of mediocrity and seemingly inevitable bowl disappointments. Defense is what the SEC is known for, and the Wrecking Crew, one of the most storied defensive units in college football, has made its long-awaited return to College Station, Texas.

We also have rivalries with LSU and Arkansas that date back to before even the old SWC days. We’re currently ranked #9 in the nation while holding the #6 recruiting class in the nation. We’re getting back to what made us great, and doing it in the SEC is a win for all parties involved. Throw in the fact that Paul “Bear” Bryant is a former head coach of "The Junction Boys" and you’ve got classic college football history on your hands.

And last but not least, let’s look outside of college football for a second, as this conference move, though dominated by football, is not the only factor in the equation. Texas A&M just finished 8th in the Directors Cup. Texas A&M has the best men’s and women’s track and field program in the nation. Our women’s basketball team is currently the NCAA Champion. Our men’s basketball team has been to the NCAA tournament that past 6 years in a row.

Our baseball team just went to the College World Series and our softball team is a perennial Top-15 squad. We just won a national championship in men’s tennis, we have a Top 10 men's golf team, and a nationally respected bass fishing team to boot. Not to mention the best equestrian program in the nation. We’ve also got over 300,000 alumni worldwide, meaning a network that is as strong as they come and a dedicated fan base that travels as well as any other.

Imagine: LSU at Texas A&M or Texas A&M at LSU under the lights. Think about Texas A&M at Tennessee on an early Saturday afternoon, or Arkansas at Kyle Field, or the Aggies at Bryant-Denney Stadium. That will be some incredible, tradition-rich football to watch each and every Saturday.

So again, tell me what’s not to love about Texas A&M to the SEC?


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