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College Football Quick Hit: What Does South Carolina Have to Do to Beat Florida?

Here is another installment of our “Gamecocks Fan Mail” series and this week we have two solid questions on Gamecocks football to address so here goes:

1. Jake from Charleston asks us - “In your opinion, why did we lose the LSU game?”

Well Jake it boils to one area and that was the trenches. We lost the trench battles on both sides of the ball. Against a team like LSU, you have to create opportunites on offense by holding the blocks and on defense you have to either plug holes or get the push necessary to disrupt the flow of the play. It is that simple, we lost the trench battle.

You can also listen to our podcast review of the loss or read our postgame report for more insight on the loss to LSU.

2. Alex from HHI asks us - “What does USC have to do to beat Florida?”

For USC to win, the Gamecocks must stop the Gators run game. Florida lacks a potent passing attack so the Gamecocks need to really load the box, stop the run and tackle well. Do that and UF will have no offense to lean on.


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