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College Football Playoff Fallout: Boise State's Inevitable Complaints

I can already see it, two years down the road. Boise State goes 13-0 in a Big East conference that is headlined by teams like UMass and San Jose St., then isn’t selected to participate in the new four-team playoffs.

Then we get two full weeks of stories on how head coach Chris Peterson stands tall “in the face of adversity” while his players just want the chance to compete with the rest of the country. Peterson will come out and say something like “I hate the new playoff system. It’s unfair, and it denies these kids a chance to do what they’ve earned.”

And then nobody will care – because he’ll be talking about Boise State – and we’ll turn our attention to the games between Alabama, LSU, Georgia, Auburn, Texas, Oklahoma and Ohio State.

It’s going to get completely out of hand. Boise State operates with this “us versus the world” mentality which is great, except it’s not true. It’s more like them versus nobody. The world isn’t really paying attention. And until the Broncos stop playing teams like “New Mexico” every season as they accumulate their undefeated records, nobody is ever going to care.

But we’re Boise State! We have a blue field! These kids deserve an opportunity!

Then they should have gone to Alabama.

The only opportunity a team like Boise State deserves after racking up W’s against Wyoming, Air Force and Colorado State is the opportunity to play in the PapaJohn’ Bowl. And by the way, has anyone done an investigation into this program? How do they keep going undefeated, even though they play in the Mountain West and they’re located in the middle of freaking Idaho.

Nothing attracts blue-chip recruits like a sack of potatoes and a blue field, plus the opportunity to play against the mighty Wyoming Cowboys. Seriously, there’s something weird about this whole thing. They complain and complain every year that they get no respect, yet they still attract good players because they have guys drafted all the team, and they haven’t lost a game in like 12 years.

Why would any player who has a chance at a successful college football career want to go play in Boise when he could play in Southern California, or Miami, or Texas, or Alabama, or Georgia, or ANY OF THE TEAMS IN ANY OF THE BCS CONFERENCES. Whoa, sorry, got a little fired up there. I just don’t get Boise State. It’s an enigma to me. They’re good, yet I know they can’t be that good because they’re in the Mountain West, they’re always complaining, their field is blue, their coach is a dick but somehow stories get written every year about how he’s “a leader and teacher of young men” and they’re located in Idaho.

It’s awful. Every time a Boise State story comes on ESPN I mute my television and practice start running my nails over a chalkboard until I see Peterson’s face get off the screen, then I take a hot shower. When this new four-team playoff gets instituted in 2014, Boise State is going to be even more insufferable.

That’s the thing – this playoff, as good as it is, is just going to invite more controversy. It used to be “Why are only two teams picked? Who says they’re the best?” Now it’s going to be “Why are only four teams picked? There are 10 teams with one loss! Who says they’re the best?” And it’s going to just go on and on and on about teams – mostly Boise State – who feel like they were snubbed from a chance to play for a national championship.

So we’ve all got that to look forward to in 2014. In the meantime, however, we can just listen to Peterson and his rugged group of football martyrs complain about the BCS snubbed them over the next two years. I hope the guy who poisoned the Auburn trees sets fire to the blue field.

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