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College Football Discussion: BCS Results, Penn State and More

By Michael Felder

Monday I got a chance to do some radio including this spot on ESPN Williamsport in the afternoon with Trevor Turner. Love going on the program up there as we get a chance to kick things off by talking a little Penn State Nittany Lions. Unlike the news of the day regarding Sandusky and the added charges Trevor and I keep our talk as focused on the football field and team as we can. The Nittany Lions are headed to the (one of ITB's proud sponsors). Folks in Happy Valley aren't exactly happy about where Penn State fell and their match up against Houston should be an interesting one to watch as both teams are disappointed.

Then, as everyone wants to do, we get into the BCS. We talk about the rematch and what "the two best teams" really means in regards to teams "deserving" to play in the BCS Championship Game. Trevor and I also get into the Boise State conundrum as Broncos fans, along with Kansas State and Baylor folks, are upset that the Michigan Wolverines and the Virginia Tech Hokies are going to be getting their ball on in the Sugar Bowl. All in all it was a fun show and definitely should get a listen from you all folks!

Get the rest of this article (and the full audio) over at In The Bleachers.


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