College Football Countdown: 90 Days Until the South Carolina Gamecocks Kickoff

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Today there are 90 days until kickoff.

90 is the number of yards in the longest punt in Gamecocks history. 

One has to assume there was some strong win and / or a very long roll to accomplish such a feat, but we can't be sure because the game happened in 1924 and there aren't many surviving details.  What we are sure of was the man who kicked it: Bill Jeffords of Orangeburg.  #10 Jeffords was also a halfback and helped lead the '24 Cocks to a 7-3 record. 

The game in which he punted his way into the record books was against North Carolina in Chapel Hill.  USC won that game 10-7 to end a long losing streak against the Tar Heels.

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