College Football Countdown: 83 Days Until the South Carolina Gamecocks Kickoff

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Today there are 83 days until kickoff.

83 represents the total number of yards Clemson gained through the air against USC last season.  The Tiger faithful regaled us with stories of a new high flying offense that featured an aerial attack and a wunderkind freshman receiver. 

Then we were treated to hype surrounding their 'genius' offensive coordinator and resurgent quarterback.  Needless to say the on field product wasn't quite as good as advertised.

Clemson had a balanced attack.  Out of 60 offensive plays the passed 30 and rushed 30.  They averaged only 2.77 yards per pass attempt and 2.33 per rush attempt. 

As bad as 83 yards on 30 attempts was, it was the most effective way the Tigers could move the ball.

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