College Football Countdown: 53 Days Until South Carolina Gamecocks Kickoff

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Today there are 53 days until kickoff.

53 is the most time South Carolina rushed in a game last season.  Coach Spurrier has always had a reputation as a passing coach.  The reputation pre-dated his days at Florida and had a solid foundation at Duke. 

Close observers noted that the Head Ball Coach wasn't just a passing guru; he was an excellent overall coach.  Never has that been more apparent than in the evolution or adaptation of his offense.  Without an excellent quarterback or the offensive line to give his quarterbacks consistent time, the offense had to change, and it became a run first and run often offense.

For many years Tennessee and at times Clemson have been more physical teams and won their fair share of games. 

The last few years the Gamecocks have been able to dominate both teams by doing nothing more than lining up and bullying them.  The Carolina offensive line and backfield have controlled games. 

The result has been many carries and many victories.  South Carolina controlled the clock in Knoxville and won 14-3.  In Columbia against Clemson the Gamecocks brutalized the Tigers 34-13.

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