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College Football Countdown: 51 Days Until South Carolina Gamecocks Kickoff

Today there are 51 days until kickoff of Gamecocks football in 2012.

51 was the total number of tackles for Devonte Holloman last season.  That makes him South Carolina's third leading, returning tackler behind D.J. Swearinger and Shaq Wilson.  Holloman will move from safety to Spur this season. 

The change has been tried for short periods before, but the safeties couldn't afford to be without Holloman, so he stayed there. 

Also Antonio Allen was more than capable at spur, so it wasn't a big area of need.

However, coaches have wanted to get Holloman into the spur role.  He is fast enough and has good enough technique to cover like a corner.  But he is big enough and quick enough to stop the run like a linebacker.  He really is the ideal candidate to play spur. 

This season we'll get to see how that translates on the field.

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