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College Football Countdown: 21 Days Until South Carolina Gamecocks Kickoff

Gamecocks football is 21 days away from kickoff.

21 is the number of seasons, this year included, South Carolina has played in the SEC. 

South Carolina's first conference was the Southern conference.  Carolina was a charter member for the 1922 football season. 

Later, 7 schools broke off to form the Atlantic Coast Conference for the 1953 season.  After the 1971 season, USC left the ACC and became and independent. 

After wandering in the independence wilderness for 20 years, South Carolina accepted an invitation to the SEC for the 1992 season. 

It was one of the savviest or most fortuitous moves for the Gamecocks. 

Since that move they have enjoyed the fruits of membership in the country's premier conference, and recent TV deals have only cemented the conference's place and USC's position within it.

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