College Football Countdown: 20 Days Until South Carolina Gamecocks Kickoff

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Today there are 20 days until kickoff.

20 is the number of games South Carolina has played against Arkansas. 

The Gamecocks and Razorbacks entered the conference at the same time and were selected as permanent opponents for each other. 

Though there was not history of the teams playing prior to 1992, it made logistical sense for the conference to match them together.

For South Carolina fans, the game has never engendered much enthusiasm. 

An opponent half way around the country hasn't really turned into a rival.  That attitude is reflected in the overall series record, which Arkansas leads 13-7. 

Starting next season, South Carolina and Arkansas will no longer be permanent rivals.  Carolina will be matched with Texas A&M, and Arkansas will regularly play Missouri. 

Texas A&M may not be an ideal geographic fit, but I believe few fans are going to pine for playing Arkansas more regularly.

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