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College Football Countdown: 18 Days Until South Carolina Gamecocks Kickoff

Today there are 18 days remaining until kickoff.

18 is the number of games South Carolina has won against Wofford.  The Gamecocks and Terriers have played 22 times, but usually the games are close. 

Once again Wofford is on the schedule this season, and once again it is a mistake. 

USC plays the Terriers and their triple option offense the week before Clemson.

The game provides nothing but downside and is a mistake in scheduling.  Wofford runs the triple option, which tends to minimize talent disparity. 

It also slows the game down and creates closer scores.  It is unlike any offense Carolina faces the rest of the year and requires special preparation.  More than anything else, that offense gives Wofford a chance to ruin South Carolina's season. 

Even if that doesn't happen, South Carolina has to focus their entire attention on the Terrier attack, which won't really translate to Clemson a week later.

If South Carolina wins, no one will be impressed.  If Carolina wins by 60, it will only be a footnote scrolling accross the bottom of the screen.  If it's close, USC looks weak. 

If Wofford wins, it torpedoes the Gamecock season.  The game should never have been scheduled, and as long as they run the triple option and none of our regular opponents do, they shouldn't be scheduled.

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