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College Football Bowl Games Reaction: BCS, Fiesta, Rose and Sugar

I took my last shot at projecting the bowl games really early Sunday morning. I didn't do so good projecting the non-BCS games but with the BCS games the only slot I missed was Michigan's opponent. I thought TCU would get enough votes to be eligible for an automatic bid but I was wrong and the Sugar Bowl surprisingly opted for Virginia Tech. Here are some brief thoughts on each of the BCS bowl games:

BCS National Championship Game

New Orleans, Louisiana (Louisiana Superdome)

Jan 9 8:30 PM EST, ESPN

#1 LSU (13-0) vs #2 Alabama (11-1)

It's not fair to LSU that they have to beat Alabama for the second time but this match-up represents what the BCS strives to do: matching the best two teams in the country against each other. If only Oklahoma State would not have lost to Iowa State then they would be here in this game. If anything comes of this hopefully it will be a plus one or a playoff. It's amazing that high school football and pro football and college football below the FBS level can have a playoff but the FBS can't have one. All that being said, this should be a really good football game. I'm not chomping at the bit to see this game again but I'm sure once it gets closer to the date I'll be a little more jazzed about seeing two really well coached teams with great athletes play for all the marbles (even if LSU already won said marbles).

Orange Bowl

Miami, Florida (Sun Life Stadium)

Jan 4 8:30 PM EST, ESPN

#23 West Virginia (9-3) vs #15 Clemson (10-3)

We've got the #23 team in the Nation against the #15 team in the Nation in a BCS bowl. The initial thought is ugh. If you dig deeper this is a pretty interesting match-up. There probably won't be much defense but if the Clemson that played in the ACC Championship Game shows up this should be a fun one.

Fiesta Bowl

Glendale, Arizona (U of Phoenix Stadium)

Jan 2 9:30 PM EST, ESPN

#4 Stanford (11-1) vs #3 Oklahoma State (11-1)

The BCS National Championship Game matched up the top two teams and this game matches up the next two. I have this feeling that Stanford is way overrated at #4 but there isn't really anybody else that deserves to be in that spot. If the Oklahoma State team that played in the de-facto Big 12 Championship Game shows up this should be ugly. On the other hand, I think Stanford matches up pretty well against Oklahoma State and if they can establish their power rushing game and chew up the clock and keep the Pokes off the field this could be really interesting.

Sugar Bowl

New Orleans, Louisiana (Louisiana Superdome)

Jan 3 8:30 PM EST, ESPN

#13 Michigan (10-2) vs #11 Virginia Tech (11-2)

This is the only BCS game not to feature a Conference Champion. We've got the ACC runner-up against a team that didn't even make the Big Ten Championship Game. To me, this is the least interesting of the BCS games but it's still interesting. I see Virginia Tech as kind of a gate-keeper to the also-rans of college football. The Hokies are a solid team year-in and year-out, they win double-digit games but usually come up just short of something more substantial. This is a big test for Michigan. Have they reached the point where they can take their place back near the top of College Football or will they remain an also-ran for another year that can't get past the gate-keeper of College Football.

Rose Bowl

Pasadena, California (Rose Bowl)

Jan 2 5 PM EST, ESPN

#10 Wisconsin (11-2) vs #5 Oregon (11-2)

This match-up looks like a lot of fun and a lot of points. Russell Wilson and Montee Ball taking on LaMichael James and the Oregon Ducks offense. There won't be a lot of defense played in this one and that's all right with me.


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