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College Football Analysis: Wisconsin, Oregon, BCS Championship and More

By Michael Felder

On today's podcast we go all big time for you guys with ESPN analyst Chris Spielman on the show. Spielman, a former Ohio State Buckeye linebacker, lends us a little of his time to talk about a couple of different things in regards to the college football world. Just as he does during games Spielman gives us some great insight into all of these topics.

Talk kicks off with the discussion of the Rose Bowl, one of this bowl season's most intriguing match ups. The Badgers come in with a defense only giving up 17 points a game but proven to be vulnerable against speed going sideline to sideline.

How Wisconsin handles Oregon is as big a question as how the Ducks stop Montee Ball and the Badgers' power rushing attack. Then, as we like to do here at ITB, we talk a little ALL RUSSELL WILSON EVERYTHING and the impact Russell Wilson has had in Madison. As Spielman says this game should be quite a good one come January.

Talk then turns to the big game, the BCS Championship game where Alabama is going to try and topple LSU in New Orleans. The highlight of this discussion is simple, Spielman expounds on the idea I've been talking about all season; what a quarterback run threat does to your defense. He breaks it down well for you folks.

We wrap up by talking some Ohio State and college football miscellany, starting with Urban Meyer and the newest Buckeye coach, Everett Withers. Spielman speaks mighty highly of Withers and then talks about expectations from Urban Meyer and the Ohio State program. To wrap up Chris Spielman makes this guy smile when he mentions while the bowl games might not mean much to YOU, they mean a hell of a lot to teams and coaches and players.

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