College Football Analysis: Why was South Carolina's Student Section So Empty Last Week?

On Saturday South Carolina's offense was clicking, and the Gamecocks demolished East Carolina 48-10. However the game was still in doubt at halftime with USC only leading 21-0. Many fans, including large parts of the student section, decided they'd seen enough and headed back to tailgate. Coach Spurrier noticed.

"I wish they’d stay after halftime though. It was 21-0. (East Carolina) could’ve mounted a comeback. Fans, stay in the ballpark a little longer."

This isn't the time when I write about how lucky the students are that they have a Top Ten team to watch. It shouldn't have anything to do with that. For years Carolina has said they have the best fans in the country. Simply put, students, you're better than that. You had a poor showing on Saturday, but there are six chances to make amends. Surely you don't want to be known as the classes that wouldn't support the whole team the whole time. Do you?

Student section in the 4th quarter

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