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College Football Analysis: South Carolina Won't be at Full Strength Against Florida

South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier talked about the Gamecocks football team today and disclosed that several key Gamecocks have been limited in practice heading into the Florida game.

Tailback Marcus Lattimore is nursing a  bruisied hip suffered in last Saturday’s loss at LSU. After Wednesday’s practice, Spurrier sounded uncertain about Lattimore playing at Florida. Spurrier said Kenny Miles and Mike Davis got all the reps Wednesday. Let's all pray that Lattimore gets to full-speed very soon as the team is going to need him to topple the Gators on their turf.

Lattimore isn’t the only ailing USC player as a shoulder sprain likely will sideline starting defensive tackle Kelcy Quarles and a flu bug has been making its way through the USC locker room this week.

Here is a rundown of those Gamecocks missing practice time in addition to those mentioned above: receiver Bruce Ellington, offensive tackle Mike Matulis, cornerback Jimmy Legree and receiver Ace Sanders. Defensive end Jadeveon Clowney was “limited” Wednesday because “his foot is bothering him.” And in case you wanted more, sprained ankles to starting defensive tackle Byron Jerideau and top reserve defensive tackle J.T. Surratt have limited both men in getting key reps this week.


This is not something you want to hear as you enter a top ten match-up with SEC East implications.

If all the above players are not or very close to 100% it will be a tall-order to beat Florida. Not saying it can not be done as the Gamecocks are deep but as you can see from the above list of players...we are talking about key depth here. As we noted to pray for Lattimore, may all USC fans hope and pray the wounded Gamecocks get well soon. As the state motto says..."While I breathe, I hope."

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