College Football Analysis: Something Stupid Happened During Clemson vs. Auburn

While watching the Clemson-Auburn game, a Clemson player on the punting team went into the end zone, stood at the goal line and then downed a ball at the one-yard line.

Well in the game of football, that’s a touchback. But for some reason – and I can’t even come close to wrapping my brain around this one – the NCAA decided that in THEIR football, that’s allowed.

When it comes  to the touchback rule, I understand why they’re doing it (the safety thing), I just think it’s a bunch of overblown bull. When it comes to this rule I uh…I don’t even have a theory. They want to be different? They just felt like shaking it up? They wanted to distract from the Penn State scandal?

It’s like they needed to meet a quota for rule changes and couldn’t think of anything else more worthwhile. I’m picturing some board meeting with a bunch of old, out-of-touch, white-haired creeps. It lasts like 14 hours, and nothing gets accomplished because they keep falling asleep and stuff.

Then, the secretary comes in with a bunch of pistachio ice cream (old people LOVE pistachio ice cream) and this transpires;

Old guy leader: JUDY! What do you think we should change about football?

Judy (the secretary): Um…I don’t know…they could stand in the end zone more?

Old guy leader: YES! I’ll have Leonard draw up the paperwork! Meeting adjourned!

Leonard: (waking up) Hm? 

(end scene)

Was anyone in the world complaining about the original rule, as if they were really offended that you couldn’t be standing in the end zone and down the ball? And doesn’t the orginial rule actually make sense, as opposed to his new one? For instance, if you’re standing out of bounds and you catch the ball, then the ball is technically out of bounds. Ergo (you like that?), if you’re standing in the end zone and you down the ball, the ball is a touchback.

It’s freaking 1 +1 =2. Or, it’s the NCAA getting bored.

There must not have been enough tattoo scandals lately to hold them over.

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