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College Football Analysis: SEC Dominates BCS Discussions

It’s me again, the outspoken advisory of the BCS that can has been lying in wake, waiting for the year that the farce that is the BCS finally is met with such outspoken disdain that they are forced to restructure and move to a playoff system.

On Friday night I was 80% sure this was year of reckoning for them, but on Sunday morning that percentage has dropped back to 50/50 as three other top ten upsets followed the Thursday night Oklahoma State loss, Oregon, Oklahoma, and Clemson. So now the one-loss contenders are down to six, but the separation between them and the ‘SEC Mafia’ that are bogarting the top of the BCS, is as wide as the Mississippi River is long.

The top three schools according to the BCS(EC) are LSU, Bama, and Arkansas with a point average of 1.000, .9491, and .8985 respectively the only boat close to that island is Oklahoma State (.8408)  which may only equate to a .0577 point difference but in the world of the BCS that is huge, moreover the .1143 spread between “Ca-ching Island” and the #5 Virginia Tech Hokies is .1143, and to correlate this spread to the Grand Canyon is not hyperbole as any of the top three teams could actually suffer a loss this late in the season and not drop out of the race for the NCG. This was illustrated by Oklahoma State’s road loss to a non-ranked Iowa state team and only dropped TWO SLOTS???

So as we move into the holiday season those of you from Va Tech, Stanford, Boise, and Houston I can appreciate your faith and vision but the reality is that if you’re waiting the call from the BCS to come to Naw’lins you have a better chance of a slightly portly man in a red suit coming down your chimney and bringing  you gifts.

Instead, go ahead, call Southwest Airlines and get the discounted airfare to Passadena, Glendale, or South beach because you are not taking a trip to Bourbon Street on January 9th, displays a black and yellow patch that ostentatiously reads SEC.

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