College Football Analysis: Reviewing Ole Miss' Spring Game


With the recaps I have already done, I meant to include legitimate recaps, with numbers and stuff, that other people wrote, but forgot because I'm very good at forgetting things.  Anyway, you can find blow-by-blow recaps and opinions of the Ole Miss spring game from people who were actually there at Red Cup Rebellion and The Ole Miss Blog.

  • According to eyewitness reports, and who has never trusted an eyewitness report, Ole Miss still looks like a not good football team, but they finally look like not everything is on fire on the sideline, as was the case in the final two years of the Houston Nutt era
  • The day was won, more specifically by the Red Team, who needed overtime (FREE FOOTBALL) to defeat the Blue Team
  • It appears that Bo Wallace, of pool party fight fame, and Barry Brunetti, of he played at West Virginia and Dana Holgorsen knows his name fame, will fight until the bitter end for the starting quarterback spot
  • Hugh Freeze went as far as saying that the winner of the quarterback battle may not be decided until a few games into the season, which is a strategy that has NEVER EVER NEVER EVER WORKED AT OLE MISS JUST PICK ONE AND PLAY HIM UNTIL HE IS AWFUL OR BROKEN IN TWO BY A DEFENSIVE END THAT BLEW BY AN OFFENSIVE TACKLE
  • Someone somewhere was retweeted by Freeze for having a cousin who did something dipshitish, like finally breaking the 12-minute mile barrier
  • The Blind Side was not watched
  • The Blind Side was most certainly discussed in some capacity
  • I have no confirmation that this happened (it should have), but midway through the second quarter, the crowd gave a standing ovation, not to the team, but in recognition of the fact that they would never have to watch Houston Nutt and staff coach another football game at Ole Miss again (until he returns as the head coach of Georgia State, where terrible coaches of Ole Miss past are shipped)
  • While there was no Sugarland show after the game, Ole Miss fans did have the opportunity to attend a free Gavin DeGraw show on Friday night in the Grove; and, while just as awful as Sugarland, the show did provide the opportunity to sit in the Grove and drink adult beverages, as long as you sat WAY in the back
  • Ole Miss is not going to be good next year, as we're about 10-15 solid contributors short of being competitive for every conference game, but if this up-tempo, alleged talent-equalizer offense combines with a defense that can get to as close to average as possible, I think we could be treated to as many as TWO conference wins this year, which equals our total from the combined 2010 and 2011 seasons

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